Why This Site?

About Investor Tube

The Investor Tube is a first of its kind, financial and investing niche video platform. We have curated literally over 20,000 publicly available videos, representing 30 of the world’s best traders, investors, and entrepreneurs. Beyond the curation, we have painstakingly topic tagged each video for your viewing and searching pleasure. The result is that we have over 550 high quality videos (and growing weekly) on the personalities and topics you are most interested in.

Why this Platform?

Video content is the next great online medium and most our content consumption is increasingly coming via video. At Investor Tube, we understand that niche content within the Investing space is difficult to find. Not to mention navigating the noise of the YouTube (and similar) space, finding great video content on the personalities you enjoy most is simply too challenging. At the Investor Tube, we set out to solve this problem by first building a world class video platform with all the functionality (likes, watch-lists, favorites, channels, ratings) you expect from a great platform. And beyond the platform, we have a team of people scouring the internet for great new content. All content is curated, cataloged and tagged for your optimal viewing experience.


We believe that the best user experience is one that is free of advertising. With the internet’s proliferation of click-bait sites and CPU hogging shockwave videos, we have created an elegantly simple platform that provides blazing quick access and performance. And we’re able to offer such a fast and rich platform for the low price of $47 per year. No monthly fees, just one small purchase a year for 24/7 access from any device. We believe the world is willing to pay a small fraction for high quality content, delivered via an amazing platform. Please considering joining the Investor Tube today.

For Free, You’ll Get:

Priceless Financial Content, 24/7

24/7 access to the latest interviews with 35 of the world’s best traders, investors, and entrepreneurs
An archive of hundreds of videos, sorted to your preferences
New content added daily
Additional experts added to the lineup on an ongoing basis

A Platform Customized to Your Preferences

A precisely designed user experience
The ability to follow the experts and content of greatest interest to you
Smart notifications when new content is added
Access through desktops, tablets, or mobile devices
Platform login via social media accounts